Sales Training & Management

The New Psychology of Selling

Most salespeople today are inadequately trained in the professional selling process. As a result, most are selling well below their potential. This proven program increases sales results and positively impacts company forecast.

Advanced Selling Skills
The New Psychology of Selling II

The complete sale - with multiple decision-makers, long selling cycles and more knowledgeable buyers - demands more sophisticated selling skills. This program shows you how to win major accounts and position yourself for improved sales performance.

Strategic Planning for the Sales Professional
How to Set and Achieve Sales Quotas on Schedule

The highest producing salespeople are those with clear written goals and detailed plans that they follow every workday. Using a unique strategic planning exercise, salespeople emerge from this program with a clear vision and a focused plan for sales effectiveness.

Superior Sales Management
The Key to Building a World Class Sales Force

The sales manager is often the single most important determinant of overall sales results in a company, yet most sales mangers have not been thoroughly trained in their jobs. A world-class sales force needs a world-class sales manager. This program is the most complete training for sales managers in any environment.

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