Management and Leadership

Time Management For Results
Maximizing Productivity, Performance and Output

The average person is working at no more than 50% of their capacity. Participants are introduced to a new way of approaching time and personal performance. Each person learns how to save time and increase output in every area of life. Participants see themselves differently and their results improve immediately.

Superior Sales Management
The Key to Building a World Class Sales Force

The sales manager is often the single most important determinant of overall sales results in a company, yet most sales managers have not been thoroughly trained in their jobs. A world-class sales force needs a world-class sales manager. This program is the most complete training for sales managers in any environment.

The Effective Manager's Series
These private video seminars make an ideal company training library because of their completeness and flexible multi-media format. Fourteen one-hour video programs cover every area of sales and management training. Can be presented as half or one day seminars or purchased for private viewing by corporations.

Change and Communication

Program and content

With ever increasing speed, change is in a state of permanency across all sectors of the economy. Organizations are being constantly challenged by sharp economic swings, new competitive pressures, globalization of the market place and continued reshaping of international policies. The potential for innovation, the speed of decision and execution and, the short cycle time of reactions and corrections have become unavoidable assets to integrate change in the daily practices of successful organizations.
Despite all of this, change is disturbing, creates anxiety and its implementation is often met with cultural and behavioural obstacles.
How can we benefit from a change intervention?
During the session, we will discuss different communication strategies enabling change interventions in light of the reality of resistance behaviours. We will use various techniques to obtain commitment and to channel the employees’ energy to help them take responsibility for change initiatives.

Provide participants with tools to communicate organizational change.

Targeted audience
Managers and employees responsible for change implementation

One day

This session deals with implementing change and will enable participants:

  • To identify resistance behaviours and avoid typical reactions to resistance
  • To understand the importance of communication in a change initiative
  • To become familiar with the management responsibilities in communicating change

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