Our Mission

We believe that the human asset is the only sustainable competitive advantage that organization possess to pilot through the storms of change, face adversity and raise the level of performance to meet the challenges of the marketplace.
Our commitment is to journey with organizations that share this commitment to achieve excellence.

Our Company

MacDonald and Associates Human Assets Development Inc. is a member of the Peak Performance Group, which has 15 offices and 80 consultants across Canada to service your training needs. We are associated with Brian Tracy International, which has similar operations in 35 countries including the United States.
We meet with clients, discuss their values, visions, needs, challenges and then custom design courses to their criteria. We determine what results our clients want to obtain and then assist them to ensure the training has been successful.
Our services enrich the quality of people's lives by instilling a sense of commitment, purpose and responsibility to themselves, their relationships and their work. The best way to implement total quality in a company is to develop total quality people.



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